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( Jul. 5th, 2009 09:24 pm)
C came down to see me today, and there was much rejoicing. I did Matins, then we wandered off to the Cock (it's a pub, folks) to drink pear cider and chat with some of the choir gents. Then we had some lunch - very reasonably priced and very yummy - and then I showed C how pretty bits of St Albans can be, particularly down the hill (Fishpool Street, Abbey Mill Lane, Verulamium Park etc). There were then some Roman walls, floors and ceilings at the Verulamium Museum. And some ducks. And lots of cute littles.

Then there was Evensong: Rutter God be on the in my head, Tomkins 5th (some verses for me) and a stonking rendition of Bairstow Blessed City - mmmm, bulwarks. The organist saved the best for last, as the voluntary was Liberty Bell - i.e. the Monty Python theme tune. St. Peter's choir has red cassocks. So of course C said, when the choirmen reappeared sans surplices, "Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition". And there was at least one "Ni!" in response to the priest's final vestry prayer.

We've just finished watching Top Gear. It was silly.

I love C very much.


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