C is with me today in the house. On her request, we went to London Zoo, which is surprisingly easy to get to from WGC - it took about an hour to get there and about 40 minutes to get back.

While much of the zoo is now brightly coloured, covered in soft low-impact surfaces and child-friendly, there are still some islands of peace. Particularly wonderful is the Bird House, where small jewel-like tropical birds flit freely around your head. Personal favourite was the Splendid Sunbird, an iridescent little sweetie, as well as the cuddlesome lovebirds.

And there were lots of pretty fish, and butterflies which landed on you, and the slow loris which was the animal kingdom's closest thing to a mogwai...

Now we are home and flopping.
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'ullo. miss_next / mongoose sent me, as you have probably worked out by now. She thinks we'll get on like a house on fire - you know, people screaming and jumping out of upstairs windows.

I'm a freelance editor and children's author, getting married in (argh argh) about a month (argh), and interested in everything in the whole world.


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