I drove to Colchester today for Thea (WINOLJ but is in CTS and Fish Slice)'s birthday party and then an evening of pétanque at [personal profile] sunlightdances's mum's house. Thea wanted to go to the seaside so I ended up driving to Walton-on-the-Naze; I've never seen a Naze before but it looks like a big beach. Caught up with Esther and Jonathan, the newlyweds, and met various other of Thea's friends - Tanya is lovely. I enjoyed nibbling the nuts. Picnics in the rain need cover; I should have brought my gazebo-inna-bag. There were slices of birthday cake and Interesting Chocolates.

Left that at about 5:30ish to drive back to C's mum. C says we are surprisingly good at pétanque and came second. More to the point, there were many nuggles. Apropos of nice people, I am keen to see what [personal profile] mostlyacat has done with our party photos...

A couple of gratuitous public service announcements, one admin, the other soppy:

Admin: Having discussed it with other members of Fish Slice, and having a calendar conflict called taking [personal profile] sunlightdances to university with all her stuff, I am not going to Oxonmoot. Normal CTS service will almost certainly be resumed in 2010, with a fully polished and shiny Sound of Mumaks. The general feeling currently is that we all need a bit of a break.

Admin II: It looks like a Red Dwarf readthrough might be in the offing. Watch this space - transcription help etc. welcome...

Soppy: [personal profile] sunlightdances and I are as in love now as we have ever been (♥). It's only been three months, but it feels right. I have a week of holiday planned soon, which will include a trip to Cambridge and may also include 3 days or so in Scotland, and will finish with [personal profile] mirrorshard's Dream of Krapy Rub Snif (C's Titania, I'm Flute) on the 11th.


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